There is only one Candice Lo.

The photos and films she spins are pure magic. Taiwan-born Candice Lo is all of the above: stylist, filmmaker and creative director. She counts Michiko Koshino, Gloverall and Head Masters among her clients – not to mention UN Women, and Notion Magazine are credited to her work.

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Ferociously hard working and incredibly bright, Judy Chou is a gifted style icon that marches to the beat of her own drum. Chou started as a graphic designer and then moved on to working as a PR for celebrities in Hong Kong.

She has a ten-decade strong career filled with phenomenal moments such as styling AyaBambi, who have danced for Madonna and Alexander Wang, hosting for the biggest television channel in Hong Kong, TVB, and collaborating with huge brands such as Lulu Guinness, Vans and Integrate Cosmetics.

She is truly an otherworldly beauty, it is no surprise that Judy was chosen to be the cover girl for ANAN Magazine and the international campaign girl for NYX Cosmetics at their Hollywood event.

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