The brain behind the fun and colourful, pop culture jewellery is Dominique Renée. Born and raised in Connecticut, Dominique Renee, grew up in an environment where creativity and individuality were strongly encouraged. After studying graphic design at a young age, she concluded her heart was not in it and her passion was to become a designer.

Dominique decided to create her own nail extensions after struggling. To find salons doing the crazy artwork. The nails went viral. After the success of her customised nails, Dominique was fully committed to launching her own brand. From nails, the fun graphic designs quickly developed into jewellery and accessories.

After securing press coverage in a variety of publications including; Ladygunn, Glamour, Noctis Magazine to name a few, the collections grow stronger and stronger. In addition to editorials, Dominique’s jewellery has also stolen the spotlight in several music videos. With the jewellery most notably featuring in the colourful graphic video for musical Salt Cathedral.

Despite chasing a career in design, Dominique also has a strong passion for music. She often creates a playlist for each collection, helping to set the mood and tone, but also to the message behind each piece. Dominique Renée jewellery is a playful exploration of personal experiences, ironies, lies, and truths; that is produced from a playlist of emotions.