Elisa Trombatore is a London based Womenswear designer graduated from Central Saint Martins. In her final collection, the pink-obsessed designer gave life to a character that is a reflection of her own identity: Dreaming Eli. She is fierce, bold and brave, as well as sensual, delicate and so much pink. Pink as a state of mind, as femininity, as positivity, as beauty

In other words, Dreaming Eli is a powerful mean of women empowerment, visually represented by the mixture of fighting functional clothes with a dreaming sense of lightness and femininity. Elisa believes that this character can be as powerful as Barbie was at her time: since her launch, Barbie has represented the fact that a woman has choices and, at the same way, Dreaming Eli means that you can be whatever you want to be, you can do anything you want to do.