Elizabeth Whibley’s work is a personal and playful pink pastiche; she looks at her own childhood and girl-style, whilst taking inspiration from Western 1960s and 70s nostalgia and 1990s-present Harajuku street style. She is often in London but is based in Rochester, Kent. Whibley has finished her degree in Fashion Textile Print at the University for the Creative Arts, Rochester, where she will be continuing her studies in Fashion Design Masters.

Her collection was recently shown at Graduate Fashion Week and New Designers. She is a freelance designer, creative and model. Elizabeth Whibley runs her own small yet growing business selling acrylic earrings and illustration prints. She is very confident screenprint, dye-sub and digital print designer. Whibley has a very strong sense of style and her branding runs throughout her illustrations, colour palettes, garment constrction and surface design and embellishment.