Robert Fabo founded Fabo Designs at the end of 2017, based in Germany. As a former model, Robert Fabo has always had references to fashion, visual art and design. After all the experiences Fabo has had, his desire to become a Independent creative mind grew enormously. Being close to design, planning, production and development has driven him forward. He attended a sewing Course (also other technical Courses) and immediately started designing.

Then there was the birth of his first Backpack, the Backpack Nevio. Fabo had a Vision, the vision was to make life more beautiful. “We all like beautiful things in life, unfortunately these are far too rare”. He created luxurious and affordable backpacks for any occasion. All products are handcrafted and made with high standard and luxurious materials as cotton-silk fabrics, raccagni zippers and Swarovski buttons .

One of the most important things to create a product is for him the quality. Fabo found exactly what he was looking for in Italy, England, Austria, Germany and Slovakia. Great companies with decades of experiences and the best in the market. Even the zippers are used from the market leader in Italy.

Fabo’s inspiration comes from his environment, the situations, the people who are surrounded and Avantgarde. The backpacks are all made in Slovakia, by a company that has very high standards in sewing. He describes his collection as sporty and innovative as well as minimalistic, stylistic and timeless, an expression of the beautiful things in life from his point of view.