IA London
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How was IA LONDON founded?

I’ve been in the design industry for a long time, first as a designer, then as a creative director. It wasn't a simple decision to leave an executive position. But, personally I believe there is something unhealthy for the creative person in feeling too comfortable, too “settled”. My career path allowed to gain experience, not only in a creative capacity, but also in management and business development. The first step as IA LONDON’s founder was to create the best team for success, people that compliment my skill set and share the same vision. This lays a solid foundation for the new company, and makes us, well.. well-experienced beginners?

What is the biggest challenge when starting a brand?

I think the biggest challenge is in statistics (I’ve learned to love numbers, because they confront our intuition). The statistical truth is that your chances of survival as a new fashion brand are very, very low. With this paralysing awareness in your mind, how do you dare to blossom?

What inspired you when you designed your scarves?

IA LONDON is “The home of wearable image”. Image is where our fashion designs all start from. So naturally, our first “collection” was of scarves, as they are 99% image. But this was just a warm up for us, we are currently working on two new RTW collections.

Describe the person who wears IA LONDON?

Our clothes are not for everybody. Despite defining our collections as “Men’s” and “Women’s” we actually do not really think there is such a differentiation. Images are always in the centre of our design, and they can be pretty dark, but also ironic, or nostalgic, or even with a touch of humour, sometime they are just not that serious. What they all have in common is each “Wearable Image” is a bold statement.. We try to create something unique, so I think the best thing to do is just to come and see the collection. If you love it - it is for you.

What is your best advice for those who aspire to get involved in the fashion industry?

I guess I’d suggest to insure you have your “Personal Jesus”- someone who cares about you and your business and will be able to be there when you will need it.

What are we expecting to see from IA LONDON in the near future?

We have quite a busy schedule, actually: Right now finalising on SS18 Men’s RTW collection. It will be shown during Paris Fashion Week Homme at OZONE SHOWROOMS (236 Rue Saint Martin, 75003 Paris). The collection will be available to pre-order via our e-shop starting in July. For the campaign, we are exploring a way of working with a young Russian boy as the face of our campaign, who lives in the remote village with no ability to come to us, or for us send the collection to him.. so it is probably gonna be interesting and challenging, we like to try new things!. Next we will show at Scoop in Saatchi gallery in July, and Women’s RTW collection in September, during London Fashion Week. We are also working on design collaborations with other brands as well, so you should be seeing a lot from IA London in the future!

What is your website or social media?

www.ialondon.com There you can also find our e-shop and Instagram, @ia_london is a best way to connect with us and see what will we come up with next.