IA LONDON, “The home of wearable image”, is probably one of the most interesting upcoming UK brands. They uniquely combine the unsettled beginners' creativity with well-polished professionalism to create statement luxury products for fashion-forward men and woman.

IA’s unconventional approach to fashion is founded on seeing the image as a point of departure in the design of the garment. Ira, IA LONDON’s founder and creative director, says:

“ I'm a design addict. So, instead of going to rehab, after many years spent in the design industry I founded IA LONDON, ‘The home of wearable image.’ ”

Having never studied fashion design and growing up in a remote then-Soviet village, art won her fascination from a young age. Inspired by rich colours, art books and her dad’s library, she became enchanted by the possibility of the existence of some other world. She studied classical oil painting and textile design where she learnt a variety of techniques. Her craving to create fascinating images grew and developed as she continued to feed on the rich multi-cultural soil of frequent travels.

Image is at the core of IA LONDON’s design. When Ira develops a collection, image is the first thing that she creates. Designing either layers filled with colour or almost black and white reflects her imaginary dialogue with masters of art, like Dürer and Botticelli. She then moves on to transforming the image into a wearable luxury scarf, top or couture garment.

To produce her collections, she works with the best UK and Italian manufacturers, using advanced digital printing technology and the finest quality fabrics allowing each piece to be filled with both beauty and quality.