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signed Crepax debut, a detective-glam comic

Let me guess: if I say mystery novel, you can think of, in order, the rumpled raincoat Lieutenant Colombo, miserable police stations packed with busy agents such as Penniless, the scientific work in the rain that examines hair and dirt. Well, forget all that. In May, a graphic novel was released called Gloss; an eponymous book by Francesca Scognamiglio Petino, illustrated by Rosa and Carlotta Crepax (the name mean anything to you? They are the grandchildren of the mythical Guido, the creator of "Valentina").

The story: Lola Forbes, a rich Bostonian and successful advertiser, is found dead at the 40th floor of her studio on Fifth Avenue in New York. Already the setting suggests that the stories linger on the blood of a detective. Gloss focuses on luxury. The book's rhythm is in fact, not only from travel indefatigable Special Agent, Miranda Brooklyn (from Manhattan to Boston to Chicago and then in Europe, in London, Paris, Florence and Naples), but also by changes of clothes and by strokes of mascara. So, Why choose between CSI and The Devil Wears Prada, when you can have both?

Illustrations: Rose and Carlotta Crepax