Matilda Aberg’s collection was inspired by a story she came up with herself drawing inspiration from Swedish folk myth. It is a story of a lost princess in the dark Northern forests of the 17th Century and her encounters with the creatures of the forest - the femme fatals. From them she learns about sisterhood and revenge. The inspiration of the collection comes from royal fashion with heavy velvets, the veils of the elves, the naked body of the mistress of the forest as well as her rotten back.

The initial silhouette was inspired by the elves and their veils, capturing men crossing their land. Matilda experimented with being trapped in tulle herself, a lot of toiling and finding new techniques of working with the tulle. Another inspiration was the naked body of the mistress of the forest, making her look at lingerie for details and style lines, enhancing the female body.

The female creature was known for having a beautiful front but a back looking like a rottening tree trunk. Matilda made a version of that through combining different embroidery techniques. The wide shoulders came from her male victims as she grew in power.

The Kiss of Death is a ethereal, romantic yet dark collection. The only two colours used are red and white - white signifying the innocence of the princess in the begining of the story turning into red - a colour of sin and passion. There is a mix of fabrics from heavy rich velvets to thin airy tulle. The textured embroidery adds another dimension to the clothing. The veils covering the faces adds a myserious touch, unifying the collection.