Storytelling is a familiar pastime and one of the most ancient and compelling human rituals.  This notion is important to Megan Greenfield, and the most exciting way for her to bring her design practice.  She can not resist the art of creating another story from the very beginning; to form a narrative to design around, and to know who it is that she is designing for. The tale for her final collection starts with an exploration into her own family heritage. Deep-water ports hold the antiquity and glamour from the 1920 'Glory Day's' of sea travel and masts that are heavily draped in rope, reveal stories about characters onboard Naval ships during Napoleonic Wars. There is an idea here that gives a narrative to form a thoughtfully crafted story around: a world in which the past and present inform each other, a juxtaposition between contrasting elements: masculinity and femininity, fragility and strength, tradition and modernity. 

As a designer, Megan relies on the essence, the undiluted creativity of historical garments that she can then exploit: contemporary uniforms, elegant Napoleonic cuts, mixed with a glimpse of lace and luxury. Her main design process is therefore very honest - studying the cuts, sizings, and discovering the innards of tailoring influenced the starting point for her main SS20 silhouette. For Megan, a good design is long-lasting, and what she really cares about is to not dismantle the original beauty of historic fashion, but to invite others to participate in the memory of what has been.


The danger for Megan as a designer is to be too exposed to the charm of the past. To deconstruct something and then reconstruct it into something modern and beautiful is the easy part for her, the harder question is how she can take this process further, and how I can she make it personal?  To establish recognisable characteristics of her own handwriting and storytelling in surface design is important and allows her to obliterate the initial foundation of inspiration into something unrecognisable, which is how Megan has grown and developed as a designer.