Inspired by living out of a suitcase whilst on Erasmus and her late father’s organised collection of memorabilia, Nia Winstanley’s collection reflects on how our increasingly nomadic lifestyles require new ways of containing our innate hoarding instinct. The contradiction between wanting to preserve throwaway items developed into the idea of ‘elevating trash’ – using materials such as sequins and diamanté trims to create a collection which question the boundaries of ‘good’ taste.

Superficially, hoarding suggests a celebration of excess, but it can also be a physical and mental burden. It was these contradictions between the visual feast and emotional comfort that hoarding can provide and the question of control and restriction that really interested her. Using this idea of the tension between control and chaos as her starting point, she developed maximalist knitted, printed and embellished textiles which incorporate elements of regular pattern structures, such as fishnet, mock ribs and grids. This idea was then carried into very controlled, form-fitting silhouettes, which feature bursts of volume achieved through embellishment.

The resulting collection is as eclectic as its inspiration - it is a joyous celebration of colourful, sparkly excess. Revealing hip-high thigh splits and an abundance of haberdashery trims are juxtaposed with prim turtlenecks and knee and floor lengths as a nod to good/bad taste glamour. HOARDER is about embracing the clutter and bringing a sense of uninhibited fun back into fashion, giving the wearer the opportunity to dress up.