Nia Winstanley is a London-based Womenswear Knitwear designer with a particular interest in textiles and all things shiny.

During her time at Kingston University and Designskolen Kolding, she developed her love for colour, sparkle and textiles through print and knitwear to create highly feminine, glamorous garments that encourage women to be more playful and expressive with fashion.

The aesthetic of excess and its relationship with the boundary of good and bad taste forms the basis of her work.

Sequins are a particular focus area as she is interested in subverting a material that is considered ‘bad taste’ and using them to juxtapose opulence and the ordinary to add humour. The overt, faux-glamour she is drawn to is a reaction to her small-town roots in North Wales, which she continuously references to contrast to her maximalist aesthetic.