Suksakaow is BA textile student from Central Saint Martins University of the Arts London.

In her BA, Suksakaow is specialise in Print design. She tends to use colour to generate specific mood. Her work usually give the playful vibe as she fond of art that show excitement and curiosity, like how children find everything in their surroundings to be striking and their urge to explore the world around them.

Suksakaow habitually find inspiration from things around her and interested in the different between how the things are originally made and how it is in the present – the sign of ages like the worn out, torn or faded. She reflects that it suggests the story of the space and people around it, their memories, how they live they live, and what happened in that place.

As an experimenter, she interested in interactive and regenerate design and unconventional material composite which shows in her research on bio material and her project that play electronic. Despite being an artist, Suksakaow also doing research projects alongside with her creative practice. She found interest in art, textile, material making and electronic component. She believes that research on material and science can broaden the capability of her work.