In 2015, Marina graduated from E.A Buketov State University with a degree in graphic design in Kazakhstan, Karaganda. After working as a graphic, game designer for 5 years, in 2018 she graduated from British Higher School of Art and Design, one of the best-specialised universities in Russia. After her graduation, she founded The Madden Projects brand, dedicated to meaningful consumption against the background of the mass market. The collection was shown at Mercedes Fashion Week Moscow in 2018.

The Madden brand takes a unique approach to fashion design, focusing on aspects of the era that defined the present. The Maaden uses the rich heritage of pre-industrial cultures, systems and practices, combining ancient techniques, a non-standard approach to design, ergonomics of traditional costumes of different nations in a modern design. This is a way to awaken the inner "I", restore lost knowledge.

Limited collections are created from natural fabrics, painted with natural dyes using decorative elements borrowed from applied art. Combined with innovations in sustainable materials and natural processes, The madden is creating a new level of comfort that will be defined by a new era of intelligent fabrics and materials. Time to focus on the best, not the bigger.

Our goal — the revival of traditional knowledge that was previously passed down from generation to generation. Idea in modern execution, expressing the versatility of man, his inconsistency, thinking about the external and internal, about contradistinction and unity.