My collection questions religious fanaticism and obscurantism. The starting point was a personal story: my sister became very interested in Jewish religion (nothing fanatic about it), to the point where she moved to Israel and converted. It reminded me of the French movieLe ciel attendra. It describes, right or wrong, how young girls are attracted to a form of fanatic religion through social media and cut every boundary they have with their families. From there, I started researching similarities I could find between fanatic practices in the most spread religions in Europe: Christianism, Islam and Judaism.

They often cover the face and hair of women, which is why I decided very quickly that my collection would be made of outfits that completely cover the bodies of the models. This idea was supported by my textile developments. I did paintings of what a fanatic would look like and you can find this caricatural face either quilted, painted or made out of silicone on my garments.

The body of every girl is different which means that things like the head shape will be worn differently by every model. I had to adapt to that and fit it differently for every girl. It was very tricky because just changing it a little could make the shape completely collapse. The last hat was the most problematic because the fabric was quite fragile and was ripping between all the seams.