Vincent Lapp’s atheist vision of life settled the ground of his collection. The horror of Paris and Nice terrorist attacks always in his mind, he decided to dedicate his project to the development of political and social statement. His sister’s conversion to judaïsm triggered a deep interest in the conversion process and particularly in the religious symbols that have the power to attract individuals into faith. He fulfilled his focus by watching documentaries, movies, and especially the french movie Le ciel attendra which depicts how teenagers are lured to join jihadist movements through social media.

While searching for various radical religious groups, Lapp was struck by the constancy of the covering of women’s face, hair and body. Rebelling against this practice, he decided therefore to emphasise it in a satirical manner, creating occulting tailored silouhettes. He rejected the traditional black and white cloths to use powerful bright colours, in luxurious satin and velvets. He also designed and developed his own shoes to match his outfits and cover entirely the body of his models from head to toe.

The various embellishment techniques, including hand made quilting, painting, embroidery and the application of poured silicone on fabric have allowed Lapp to transcript his vision of fanatics into evoluted textiles. The compulsive pleating, associated with the complex twisted drapings, were developed to represent the frantic behaviour of the orthodox followers.

Though all outfits were developed from a same base, the unique techniques used in each garment have allowed him to create singular atmospheres, sometimes velvety or sharp, bewitching or repellent. It all revolved around the female body, surrounding it, transforming it, hiding it, merging it as religion, and especially extremist branches do. The unconventional designing and patterncutting of his collection have allowed Vincent Lapp to create a striking statement about the place of women in fanatic religion.