To create her SS19 graduate collection, entitled “L’amor perduto”, Viola Menchini took inspiration from topics that affected her personal life when she moved to the city and started to be in the fashion field: loneliness and today’s idea of love and relationships. Loneliness is a significant topic particularly among women due to the fast lifestyle and long working hours, women prioritise themselves and their careers instead of their personal lives and feelings, also neglecting the need of a partner / family. Here comes a new meaning of love, influenced by dating apps such as Tinder, occasional sex and self-obsession. Looking for a partner, and the real love seems just a old, blurry dream.

The collection’s colour palette includes pink, red, white and black is mainly inspired by the photographer Juno Calypso, whose projects “Joice” and “The Honeymoon” as well as expressing the loneliness and self-obsession of woman in today's society and love relationships and images that represent love, passion, loneliness, isolation and suffering.

The silhouettes are inspired by the 1950's, where families and couples looked perfect and happy, but not in reality and influenced by Karla Black pink sculptures made from cosmetics and toiletries. Details such as arrow shaped oversized patch pockets and collars are inspired from the "swipe right" of Tinder; gathered box pleats and flares are from the illusion and dream of a love that doesn't exist anymore; while drapes represent the fast flow of the time.

Big scale flower prints and padded petal shaped details inspired by solitary rose (symbol of love and passion) images are present on the garments, as well as lace heart shaped patches. Fabrics are all shiny, semi-transparent and stiff, such as Gazar organzas, Duchess satins, sateen / poly cottons and shiny Gabardine wools, in order to better transmit the message of illusion, fragility, isolation and fakeness.