The renowned Fashion & Design School, Istituto Marangoni London based in Shoreditch, recently showcased 10 of its most promising Fashion Design graduates with a unique fashion performance entitled ‘Under The Light’.

Taking inspiration from the concept of light as a symbol of new beginning, the collections showcased in a hybrid performance, merging a traditional catwalk show with a static presentation. The visionary use of light, along with the minimalist set-up of the venue and its fascinating vaults, created a dreamlike atmosphere enhancing the colours, details and silhouettes of the School’s 10 best Womenswear collections.

Every collection appeared distinctive and unique, Kritika Singh’s designs displayed the use of draping and pleating techniques to create exaggerated but elegant proportions, while Viola Menchini merged her interest of historical fashion with notions about love and relationships to inspire her voluminious silhouettes in hues of pink and red.