A. Cloud is an emerging designer who gained experience and product knowledge from a France-based overseas Chinese designer. She learned a lot about leather products as well as a deep understanding of the details and professionalism of handbag-making. She joined both New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week showrooms which gave her designs more recognition and established international relationships within the industry.

A. Cloud collections are mainly influenced by the retro style aesthetic, but also the love for simplicity and geometric structures and lines inspired by modern technology. Her products are kept in romantic aura meeting the forward-looking philosophy of sci-fi with a touch of cyberpunk aesthetics.

In her designs she tries to find the perfect balance between vintage, classic and contemporary timelessly stylish yet functional handbags for independent women. She values high quality above all. Each of her remarkable leather handbag collections executes their innovative balance of minimalist and modern styling with a gentle and subtle hint of classic and sometimes vintage-inspired detailing.