Abi Sheng is currently studying at Royal college of Art MA Fashion Human Wear. After graduated from Graduate Diploma at Central Saint Martins, she created this collection to investigate what is the standard of beauty.

What does it mean to own your own body?

We inhabit in different bodies; we have physical needs. And that makes us human. We live with our limitations while we always try to live beyond the limitation.

She has been dedicating her time to transhumanism and consciousness research. To enhance human in physical and non-physical way through fashion is her ultimate goal.

Abi Sheng’s collection ‘Miss Olympics’ is inspired by Olympics game and Miss Universe. She believes that the human body is a form of spiritual energy. When she saw Lucy Orta’s installation ‘‘No borders’’. Those national flags reminded her world-class events. Olympics and Miss Universe. When one is a fierce confrontation between strength and speed, the other is a strictly single-standard beauty selection.

Miss Olympics is her investigation into body motion tracking, muscle structure, and looking for the answer to the question, ‘‘what is the standard of beauty?’’.