The starting point for Abigail’s graduate collection was The Florida Project Film. It gives an insight into an American Childhood with resiliency and freedom through being yourself. The imagery informed the collection’s mood and colour story. The film led to research into American suburban life including 1970s suburbia and 1930s depression era. Stephen Shore’s imagery from a road trip in 1970s America was a key piece of inspiration. Mary Ellen Marks Prom pictures was also very influential. The American high school prom portraits of students in their rented suits, tuxedos and frilly dresses lead to a formal and preppy feel to some of the collection pieces.

Abigail’s Graduate collection is personal taking inspiration from her own family memories. Visual inspiration helped direct the collections development but the family memories are at the core. This includes Abigail’s father’s suburban childhood in Chicago before moving to a British boarding school. The few years Abigail spent as a child in Vancouver, Canada was an important influence. The photos of Abigail and her sisters wearing matching frilly dresses which contrasted with her tomboy sporty nature heavily influenced the atheistic of the collection. The history can be seen translated into the nostalgic, sporty, preppy mood of the sports luxe collection.

The design process for Abigail begins by collecting large amounts of research and then lots of drawing to develop a design until it’s something she is proud of. From there the pattern cutting and toiling process is meticulous. Fabrics and colour were very well considered as Abigail wanted to have a tight colour story reflecting the inspirations. Silks added to a luxury feel next to the sporty nylon fabrics and a preppy workwear inpiratio shown through classic wool, cotton and tailoring fabrics. The Jewellery accompanying the collection was all handmade by Abigail using various chains and components to create earrings and rings that would enhance the sports luxe identity.