‘Ageing in Tens’ grew out of transpiration experiments conducted on white flowers. Abigale divided her experiments into three categories; Splatter Experiment - the flower in direct contact with coloured water. Water Transpiration Experiment - only the stem is immersed in the pigmented solution. And Frozen Flower Experiment - the entire flower is frozen in a glass of coloured ice. The data recorded from these explorations was referenced to create the textures and silhouettes for the collection.

Abigale developed the fabric texture to mimic the vein-like structures of a petal. A 45-gram organza in satin weave is used to replicate the translucency of a wet petal. The organza is embroidered with 100% cotton yarns in curvilinear lines that run along the fabric to replicate the striation in a petal. The weight of the yarns caused the fabric to crinkle thus resembling the texture of a drying petal.

Silhouettes have been derived from the forms generated through observations of the flowers. The looks are not constructed in any particular size, each garment incorporates high volumes of fabric and adjustable mechanisms like elastication and drawstrings to fit anybody. The patterns are created from mostly basic shapes with minimal contouring, should there be a need to deconstruct and refashion the fabric to make new garments.

This is what Abigale’s final year collection would look like but due to the corona virus pandemic, she was only able to create one look from the lot, she hopes to complete the rest of the outfits in the coming months.