This March, a cool and creative bunch of 27 young designers made their way to Dunedin for the iD International Emerging Designer Awards 2019 from the UK, USA, Japan and beyond… Held in the intricate Regent Theatre, 2019’s show saw the awards celebrate their 15th year. Brimming with colour, texture and surprises, the looks reject commercial restraints and use fashion to respond to what’s happening in the world around them. References ranged from social media to abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko to Ethiopia’s Omo Valley.

Madhatter, but make it chic As seen at: Dayun Lee / @acente.official

If you’re wanting to pull off the sculptural hat trend, look no further. It’s all about balance – party up the top, business down the bottom. Keep your colour palette tight, textures refined and silhouette clean.

Wool Collar Shirt, Safari Pocket Trouser