Dayun Lee’s creativity comes from her interests. Before starting the concept, she usually researches art movements and historical visuals of the women at the beginning. These could be from the book, movie or art. She found that women in the past and present give her interesting point of views as a womenswear designer.

For example, 1930s representation of female bodies was interesting topic that she wanted to observe. She loves how it depicts in various ways. She also observes abstract shapes of the bodies and the colours and texture of the painting and the atmosphere that the art gives her. She basically loves to see art such as photos, painting and sculptures which gives her huge inspirations.

After collecting the images, she started to distort them in her own style. She usually draws illustrations and make collages which gives her so much creativity and originality from distorting them in her way. She prefers to combine the contradicting topics together or change the volumes and shapes in order to make them in-perfect. And this helps her to think creative pattern making from in-perfect imagery.

During making the collections, Dayun Lee usually spends lots of hours of creating various patterns and designs which is the most hardest part but happiest moment during the design process. And when she thinks of herself as a womenswear designer, she always feels the responsibilities to create well made and well designed garments.