With an accessibly modular intention in construction, Adam Elyasse is a menswear designer addressing a multi-disciplinary approach to design. Recently graduating from Central Saint Martins MA Fashion course, his graduate collection brought together the concept of dual identity and sustainability. The collection is all reversible introducing another structure, while his fabrics of organic cottons, jerseys and nylons are all dyed with natural ingredients or treated with a coating substance.

The reversibility and modular interchangeablity of this collection challenges the visual semiotics of our ways in seeing and our ways in product communication.

Using the two key environments, East London, Morocco and all its connotations as the base theme, the antithesis makes the need for communications between opposites a necessary conversation. With silhouette inspirations derived from the vintage French Foreign Legion uniforms, Saharan cultural wear and street wear, this amalgation evokes a sense of community and protective functional clothing for harsh conditions.