Adela Babinská’s collection was inspired by the physical impossibility of her two desires- to stay at home and to study fashion design. Ever since she moved away from her family in Slovakia to the UK, she has wished she could live at two places at the same time. She would love nothing more than to experience bilocation - the state when a person is simultaneously in two places at once.

Eventually, she has developed her own way how to overcome the need for fragmented self - a self-defence. Every time she misses home, she takes a picture of her shadow and she imagines, just for a moment, that the real herself is at home and just her shadow stays elsewhere in the world.

Elastic cords hold fabric pieces together but enable them to have a little bit of movement too. As if the pattern pieces wish to leave the body but cannot do so. They are caged in the overall structure of the garment, imprisoned in the situation.


The sequence of the garments represents different stages of the unreachability and fragmentation. Showing and hiding parts of the body, hybrid image between real and artificial. Being linked and fragmented at once.