The inspiration for my Collection began with looking at my childhood, looking particularly at clothing I wore and toys I liked, such as Barbie, Hamma beads, Loom bands. I miss my childhood, going to School and wearing school uniform, no responsibilities. I would love to relive! Which is why i wanted to bring this into my Collection.

I love listening to music new and old and going out clubbing and to festivals, There was a particular song I heard during the development process of my collection called “1999” by Charli XCX featuring Troy Sivan, which is about reliving your childhood age of the 90s which really hit home about what my collection was about, combining my Childhood with Adult self. Designers who inspired me were Jean-Paul Gaultier, who exaggerates the female body with creating unusual shaped garments. My target audience is woman who want to wear a statement piece that will empower them but also be a statement piece that will be impressive for an audience, including big figures like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry.


I have developed and designed a range of print designs with the use of a jaquard and dobby weaving machines, which consists of a variation of different yarn qualities and textures including, lurex, cotton, and silk mix. For this collection, 6 looks were created, including fitted bodysuits, oversize coats, skirt, and catsuit, all consisting of my handmade materials.