The SS/19 collection is inspired by Body Modification, body modification transcends any cultural boundaries. During the process of my design development I Looked at both the primitive and modern primitive practises in a contemporary society were consumer culture uses the Body as a representation as well as a display of a source of identity.

“Bodies are sites of representation, are not only physical but communicative” (Atkinson, 1971)

In a society where Perfection is celebrated, I wanted to challenge that not everything perfect is beautiful, and that beautiful doesn't have to be perfect. So I looked at different body modifiers starting from the least to the extreme modifers and looked at why they modified their body and connected it with identity.

'One must attack the body’, ‘ One must accept one self’.

These are primitive, ancestral, anachronistic concepts.

We think that the sky will fall on our heads if we touch the body. (1996; 91)

I wanted the collection to represent the pain, bruising and swelling of the body & Face when it goes under extreme change. And so through out the collection you see fabrics that have been manipulated using different techniques and silhouettes modified and reshaped.

In terms of colour story for this collection, you will see different shades of black, from matt dark grey denim for trousers to shinny silks for lightweight sleeveless coats. You will see a sprinkle of red through out the collection as the concept is about body and modifying it using different techniques, this techniques include skin carving, surgery, wrestling, gymnasium and many more. All of this modifications in some way or another modify the body, skin tone colours and red stitchings will be used as details as they relate to the of the human body & skin. you will also see shades of silver and gold to represent body performers.

“Among the people I love and respect, whose world views I share in fundamental ways, so many have cut, coloured, stretched, compressed, decorated, and otherwise modified their bodies that I even want to do it too. I want to be like them: I want them to know when they see me across a crowded room that I associate myself with them; that we are … family”.

(BP & MPQ 2 (3); 5)