With an interest in constructed fabrics and slow, traditional techniques, Adina Barbu is a second year student at Central Saint Martins in London.

She is currently studying BA Textile Design and recently chose her specialisation in knitwear, as she is focusing on challenging the current fast-fashion industry and poushing consumers into appreciating a more sustainable and handmade approach for their clothes.

This is her first collection, where she approached both knitting and weaving, and because she is constantly inspired by the world around her, the project was born by exploring the nature during the first lockdown when she was stuck in her home town in Romania. The months spent in a small town near the Black Sea with fields, hills, forests and beaches around it informed a colourful research which celebrates the rich lands and mother nature.

Using different textures of yarn, some of it dyed naturally, Adina explored various different techniques such as hand knitting, machine knitting, 16- shafts loom weaving, embellishing and bead making using air dry clay; creating not only garments but also accessories such as a mini bag and bracelets. Her collection uses colour, pattern and shape to remind the world about the wonders of nature and how slow life can be enjoyed once you leave the hectic life in a big city.