Adora has always been drawn to the independence of streetwear. A style allowing her to draw inspiration from every person that passes by on the street is the base for her most recent collection. After travelling to South Korea for Seoul Fashion Week, she noticed the differences between the streetwear styles between there and London and decided to explore this.

During her initial research, Adora discovered that streetwear is actually quite political. As streetwear is influenced by personal preferences (as well as culture and trends) people’s political views have also influenced their style. From there birthed the concept for her collection the ‘MVMNT’ which focuses on how fashion can be used to make a statement drawing inspiration from the London and Korean streetwear scenes and by using current events of the world, this collection uses fashion as a medium to speak out on key issues affecting different parts of the world.

The collection shows the versatility of streetwear, that not only can it be utilitarian and oversized, but it can also have formal elements as shown by the first look in the collection, a suit made from tracksuit jersey and airtex mesh. Adora’s designs call for each person to make a decision and stand up for what they believe in. Ignorance is no longer an option.