Ninja’s MA collection of Sentimental Jewelleries & Artefacts reflects on heritage, culture and history. Sentimental Jewellery that will help the mourner to heal ‘something to hold on to in times of sorrow’, a touring artefact designed to their need and one day will become heirloom pieces for the nest generations and be part of someone’s family heirloom. In the passage of mother to daughter, aunt to niece, a sampler or jewellery, a fashion artefact created with Traditional Craftsmanship and Digital & Virtual Technology. Mourning objects represents a woman telling her story, and that of the people who shaped and gave meaning to her world, in her own unique voice.

‘Digital Tradition’; The use of Digital technology played a key part crafting her pieces; a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and digital innovation; with use of digital tolls such as Photogrammetry, Virtual Reality Sculpting, and CNC Milling. Ninja’s own death-mask was created with Photogrammetry and part sculpted in Virtual Reality before carving the final piece on Alabaster and South-Sea Pearl beads. She was praised for using unconventional materials to craft her cross-stitching such as embroidering on metal and pearls.

From East to West; Western (Austria & England) and Eastern (Philippines) elements were one of the key elements in her design, reflecting Ninja’s own cultural heritage and its rich history of Mourning and Sentimental Jewelleries. It was her personal mission to infuse cultural, heirloom and historical aspects for her collection. Death-mask details, unique and finest Austrian needlework ‘Petit Point’ and Secret languages and symbols, such as the ‘lovers-eye’ and flowers.