Agathe Pornin is a graduating student for Institut Français de la Mode in Paris who majored in Footwear design. She has a background in womenswear and accessories from her BA studies at ESMOD.

In her past projects, Agathe worked around very graphic themes such as Ancient Greece, Protection or Chamanism. Since working on a sustainability project in partnership with Adidas, she tried working on themes that question current societal issues.

For her graduating collection called No Filming Please !, she worked around the idea of a return to anonymity. Nowadays it can feel like everyone is watched by everyone, whether it is through phones, computers, social media, surveillance cameras… This idea being terrifying, Agathe worked on the idea of new ways to camouflage. For the first line, the shoes look like they melt in the ground, their shape is suggested but not fully shown. The second line uses zippers to hide certain parts of the foot and show others. The last line explores the idea of footwear and clothes merging together; shoes disappear as they are camouflaged using denim or pantsuit fabric, or mimicking the finishing of pants.

Photography by Marta Barisione