’The Sense of Wonder’ captures the quiet moments and observations I made through my experience of living on a mountain in Japan. Capturing the beautiful rays of shifting light everyday gave me little joys and happiness in my mountain life. This joyous feeling mirrored memories from my childhood, when I would find a little flower, an insect or saw many stars in the sky. I aim to present this emotion through my final collection.

Seeing the delicate light created by nature in everyday was little happiness in a quiet mountain life. The feeling of joy recalled me the memory of my childhood; find a little flower, insect, or saw many stars in the sky. As we are becoming an adult and gaining more knowledge in our heads, it would be difficult to always remind ourselves “the sense of wonder”. Therefore, I wanted my project to share the feeling of “the sense of wonder” with the audience.Quiet observations of shifting rays of light is my inspiration for my final collection. I share these moments from my mountain life through this short film that captures the reflecting and changing magic of light.

Watercolour studies capturing the coloured light and colours of the rainbow. These three drawings are colour studies from the street, the station and the sky; and form the colour palette for my weaves.

Using the equipment I had access to in my kitchen during lockdown, I used the process of Natural dyeing to explore my colour palette from the light and colours of the rainbow. Using vegetables and fruit skin, beans and tea, I achieved a palette of 36 colours presented in this colour chart.

A collection of card windings using the naturally dyed yarns to explore composition and structure. This process worked well in the absence of a loom as I didn’t have access to a weave studio during lockdown.