An electrical cutlery set that enhances food and replaces the need for artificial sweeteners, additives or seasonings.

Eating is an essential part of human existence. Our taste buds originally served as a means of identifying potential poisons, but they have evolved to become the primary means by which we savour and enjoy food.

Scientific research has revealed that we do not only experience taste with our tongue. The pleasure we derive from food is influenced by a variety of factors such as sound, smell, texture and sight. Other influences include the atmosphere as well as our memories, associations and emotions.

This project explores how new electrified cutlery could be used to manipulate the way in which we experience and taste food. This cutlery set means that we can make food taste saltier, fattier, creamier and less bitter without relying on artificial sweeteners, additives or seasonings that are all too prevalent in our food today. I hope that this research will not only improve society’s health, but also help us innovate and engineer new dining experiences – even in isolation.