‘Like Totally’ takes you back a little sooner than expected. The collection pulls from retro 90’s and early 00’s fads including toys, pop culture and overall eclectic energy. A cartoon inspired palette is used to reflect the days where colours were not feared, but instead used as part of everyday language.

Finding ways to create textures that are reminiscent of Aldrian’s research is a major part of the design process. He finds that a garment really comes to life when he finds the harmony between woven and knits, along with other unconventional materials.


References to pop culture and youthful media of those times are translated. Into mature and borderline provocative silhouettes juxtaposing present adulthood and sentimental childhood. The looks are simultaneously currently and nostalgic, conveying a message of one growing up and maturing, somethings will always stick with you and something never change.