This collection is a manifestation of growing up different. It's innocent clothing trapped and constrained in different forms of restrictions. Large panels of recycled curtain linings smocked down to conforming garments. Bare skin in tulle, covered with plaster and forced to be worn. Below the surface a power is found in this intensely insulting hardness. My current work has the desire of conforming but not being able to restrain whats flowing below.

I always sympathised with Heathcliff, ostracised, othered and alone. "You said I killed you, haunt me! then." A swirling maelstrom of rage and raw emotion, dressed up in an attempt to conform to social norms and failing. My velvet rage bubbling underneath.

This was a journey inward, delving into my uncomfortable past. Coming out the other side with ideas, dreams and resolve without the need for approval. I've created work that will help me break free from rigid societal moulds, by quite literally taking moulding materials (plaster) and adapting them to become soft and pliable. The plastered tulle takes on a new way of flexibility and movement after being dried. Allowing for the look of armour but with fragility of a resolved past.