The young fashion talents of the LCF graduate BA17 show

There’s definitely something in the water in London. Known for being a hotbed of exciting fashion talent, this city has been the stomping ground of some of the most innovative, industrious and rebellious designers of the past few decades. And in looking to where they got their start (school), we can get excited about the next generation rising up now.

London College of Fashion’s freshest crop of BA graduates will showcase their collections on 5th June. Here we take a look at some of the standout students set to make waves.

Alexandra Afanasyeva

“My EX90°00′00′′ men’s jewellery collection is dedicated to polar expeditions. Conceptually the collection evokes the spirit of exploration which is closely linked to such notions as identity and rite of passage. Climbing gear, survival equipment and various tools including ones from Inuit tribes and those dating back to the Ice Age are the main basis for the collection.

The pieces are made of pewter and steel encrusted with marble, raw quartz, metal teeth and Swarovski crystals that are reminiscent of extreme cold. The unevenly self-braided and self-dyed rope is cast with the same materials set in silicone. The same techniques are also applied to jeans and shoes prepared specifically for the catwalk show.

For me Rick Owens is a true style icon especially when it comes to menswear. I absolutely love his approach and if liked my collection that would be a true honour. LCF’s Creative Director Rob Philips is another person who I always look up to and whose taste and creative drive have always fascinated me starting from the first lecture he gave us in year one. Since then I have dreamed of becoming part of the LCFBA17 Showcase and now my dream has come true."