@KNITWEARBYALEXANDRA worked in collaboration with embroiderer Amelia Skarpellis to create a new generation of punk. Together, they wanted to celebrate advancements within the textile industry and create a collection that appreciates the scope of possibilities that fun and vibrant textiles brings to today’s fashion industry. Their aim: to develop a new wave of punk – just as rebellious, embracing colour and unmasking societies playful side.

“We found we worked really well together; Amelia is an explosion of colour, texture and quirky ideas whereas my art is more refined and controlled with a touch of humour. We taught each other a lot, I managed to control Amelia’s ‘crazy’ and Amelia added some much-needed mess to my very regimented designs.”

Quote by Alexandra

As textile designers they allowed their materials to dictate much of the final outcomes – for example mixing elastic in to the knits created quite uncontrollable materials which then meant Alexandra had to find new and exciting ways of linking the pieces together, in the end she settled on metal hoops, these were then brought through as a distinct design feature throughout the collection. Many of the knitted pieces didn’t follow a strict pattern in terms of silhouettes with Alexandra allowing them to form more naturally depending on what the materials wanted to do or how the wearer would want them to be seen. Throughout the design process Alexandra relied on her love of collaging to energise and inspire her, helping her to discover a breadth of new possibilities.