‘Electric ladies’ explores groupies in the ’70s as represented by Baron Wolman, one of the photographers of the Rolling Stones magazine and the distinction between them and the rock bands they were admiring and following. The project focuses on the feminine and eclectic style of this group of ladies, the freedom they exude through their appearance, attitude and lifestyle. Contrary, the band's look was simple, tailored, structured, typical 70’s fashion, but still having that edgy, rock aspect. T

Another main inspiration is the satirical documentary ‘200 motels’ that shows the life of performers on the road, the seemingly glamorous life of rock band members made by Frank Zappa. The movie shows everything into a dreamlike setting, incorporating psychedelic imagery to represent the craziness of their day by day life.


By combining these themes, the final collection displays lose fitting tailoring, strong shoulders, playing into the idea of menswear on a woman; combined with an elegant feminine shape, formfitting, draped. The main feature of the collection is the patchwork running through all the pieces. The applique has been treated and placed as it would have been draped fabric, constructed from different shades to depict a 3D shape on a flat surface.