Alice Oliver's collection was heavily inspired by Glyndebourne Opera house in the 1930s, she has spent many summers working there so it is a concept which is very close to her heart. Images of men in sport suits and women in elegant slip dresses provoked an exciting story of romance, nostalgia and sophistication. The collection celebrates the performing arts and the story of going to the opera in the middle of the british countryside.

During the Design process Alice took the idea of the mens 1930s sport suit, experimenting with different fabrications and textures. The idea behind the fabrication was to create unconventional knitwear, a knitted suit which still carries the same structure as a woven suit. For this collection, Alice has created slip dresses and a suit which is made from knit but still has the traditional silhouettes of the 1930s, delicate lace blouses and shirts accompany the knitwear adding an element of romance and luxury. she has successfully created formal garments which break the boundaries of conventional knitwear.

The collection embodies luxury and couture, each piece has been carefully made and crafted from knitting the panels to the beading and finishings. Each garment carries different emotions creating a collection thats expressive and atmospheric, this has been done through clean cut silhouettes with fancy yarns, fabrication and embellishments