Alice Pons’ graduate collection, ‘NEVERLAND’, was inspired by a long lost picture, found hidden amongst childhood belongings. A five-year-old Alice, wearing her father’s black suit, beams unknowingly into the camera whilst unconsciously playing with the lapels of the jacket.

The photo communicates the innocence of youth, and the pure joy that can be derived from wearing a garment when unburdened from the self-consciousness of the adult world. This snapshot of youthful naivety has inspired this collection, which looks to recreate the blissful ignorance of a child unaware of the meaning of fashion. The corsets, prevalent throughout the collection, represent the inevitable future awaiting in the adult world and a youthful desire to escape the constraints of modern society.

To support this theme, Alice has drawn inspiration for ancient Byzantine mosaics and Gothic rose windows to reflect her rooted passion for the art found in her hometown of Milan. In her own words her collection appears to be a “confused mosaic of tartan clothes and bright corsets”.