A reflection of our present time—a worldwide pandemic, the earth at halt stuck in a liminal space. The transitional purgatory evokes a physical and emotional discomfort as the old world falls apart but yet unknown of the new existence. The overwhelming emotion of being within a space that felt familiar in the architecture of open spaces yet uncomfortable as these spaces around London were completely empty provoking eeriness. We are all standing in a threshold.

The top was inspired by how our bodies react to this discomforting emotion within a liminal space, the agony of discomfort, a twisted disarming design. Translating the discomfort the body and the mind within a liminal space into clothing, I began to experiment with what unease would look like through a jacket. Creating shapes that portray discomfort in the body, the intention is too heighten this feeling of unease to the viewer.
The skirt was inspired by coffins. To create the rectangular shape, I experimented with several mediums of card, wood, interfacing to finally get the clean result of this type of cut. The intention behind the mask was to escalate a slight uneasiness when viewing the full garment, yet familiarity within the discomfort. The overall slick cut silhouette is to express the “liminal space” experience.