More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities and by 2060 further 10% are projected to make the move. With this rapid metropolitan and industrial development, along with city dwellers’ increasingly frantic pace of life, urban nature has more often than not been either diminished or made invisible. The global experience of Coronavirus pandemic though has for once provided a different perspective, giving many the never taken before opportunity to explore their local bioregions. Citizens’ interests are slowly coming back to the nearby green. And as nature connected people are more prone to adopt pro-environmental empathetic behaviours, this comes as a hopeful step towards building a climate change resilient culture. But how do we sustain and deepen this revived interest post-pandemic now that the pace of city life is picking up again?

Earthkinology is a series of interactive public installations that encourage interspecies kinship with the often invisible more-than-human urban ecosystems through color, boldness and embedded storytelling. To keep up with the ecocentric message, installations are also made out of waste materials . Wood, mdf and workshop scraps leftover from other people's work were used as the skeleton for the structures, used fencing chicken wire was taken from a farm, paper mache is made out of local community newspaper, unsellable sampled epoxy tins were reclaimed from producers and sculptures were finished with second-hand used wall paint and varnish.

The installations have beem already taken to numerous trips outdoors and are currently searching for a more permanent home. They have cheered up passersby in local town halls, parks, Town Squares and High Streets. Their purpose is to stimulate exciting fun ways of engaging general public in newfound understanding and relationships with urban nature. Earthkinology sculptures have been enjoyed by all - infants, children, teenagers, families, adults and the elderly - proving that appreciation and care for nature can truly unite across differences.