Aliyah Mills’ graduate collection ‘Awkward Comfort ’ was influenced by Antony Gormely exhibitionfrom his industrial metal sculptures with interesting silhouettes . Antony Gormley had to opposing things and made it a work of art. So Aliyah wanted to create a collection that used to opposing ideas, which are her feeling of being awkward that is when she is out of her comfort zone. The other being when she feels comfortable. This is shown in the collection the feeling of awkwardness and sense of comfort through the garments low armholes, massive sleeves and straps going through eyelets throughout the garment.

Using her own photography from the exhibiton , hand made textures and also photography of local industrial building to create these prints. Aliyah used photoshop to digitally manipulate the photographs and hand made textures using different brushes,filters and layers. The colour palette came from the different feelings she felt that best depicted her feeling of awkardness and comfort. Aliyah digitally printed the prints of fabric to practice on scale of the print to make sure the print was right scale as the prints are placements.

This is Aliyah’s final collection line up. Due to the corona virus pandemic, Aliyah was only able to create looks one ,three , five of her collection, and would of loved to see the rest of her collection come to life. The rest of the collection would of prodominately be constructed out of cotton twill, jersey , mesh and digitally printed polyester .