Focusing on the body and movement, particularly within dance was a major influence when it came to Alvin Lam’s first collection. By looking into the history of dance and seeing how it has progressed through the ages allowed him to understand how the art is connected to romance and sensuality.

Looking into the similarities and differences between men and women and trying to merge the two to remove gender boundaries and find a balance between them allowed him to create gender-neutral garments and remove the divisions between the sexes.

After interviewing dancers Alvin learnt how important the waist and the legs are, predominantly within ballet. Focusing on the muscles in these two areas allowed him to create designs that enhance the beauty of these. Also looking into historical and cultural elements showed him what colours, fabrics and styles to use in his creations to emphasise the movement of the body.

London was another big inspiration for Alvin when it came to designing his collection, especially the cultures surrounding gender. Societies values signify the development of generalisations through social experiences. Alvin saw that the culture in London is completely different to that of Hong Kong particularly when it came to accepting sexuality, identity and gender. By using fashion to represent these topics, his pieces are there to enhance and push for a more open minded view.