Alysha Lily’s collection is inspired by modern-day streetwear combined with Elizabethan Dress, combining and questioning ideas of stereotypical masculinity and femininity. The design was also influenced by ‘Top Boy’, a TV series about gangland culture in East London, as well as Heer Nilsson, who questions ideas of traditional femininity by illustrating Disney Princesses with weaponry.

Research began by looking into imagery of male gangs in London, analysing their dress code, surroundings and attitude. Lily combined this with the Tudor portraits of Elizabeth I and Henry VIII, finding a synonymy in their expression of power and status. Through collaging images from both sources, ideas for silhouette, fabrication and detailing has emerged. During the process of combining streetwear with Elizabethan fashion alongside questioning sterotypical femininity, Lily developed her streetwear collection by merging technical details with lace trims and corset details inspired by Elizabeth I creating garments such as feminine bulletproof vests.

To communicate this girl gang concept about being confident, ambitious and part of a tribe, Lily designed a collection of garments that belong to the streetwear family however with a spin. The Heir to the Throne collection has taken your sterotyical tracksuit but create it in a detailed heir print with elasticated faux fur trims. This runs through the collection with garments from ponchos to utility jackets to puffa coats in graffiti prints and cotton twills to bring you your new ideal girl gang.