Ama Avoh’s graduate collection was centred around creating a post colonial superhero inspired by her mixed race heritage. She explored the cultural differences between the Norman countryside in France and West Africa - Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire. As well as looking at Marvel comic books from the 1970s and 80s to help inform colour scheme and silhouettes.

During the process of development, Ama was keen to keep comic elements in the silhouettes by creating bold silhouettes inspired by the exaggerated muscular bodies using boning in knitted panels . Using these knitted panels helped inform designs of look 1 in her graduate collection. In keeping with the comic book theme, she was keen to design knitted masks.

During lockdown, Ama used a mini mannequin as a way to expand further design development, this was a fun way to present knitted samples and keep the comic book sense of humour within the work. Collages were used a lot to help design development and were a quick way to imagine bold silhouettes as well as having fun with imagining different textiles together.

The use of Ama’s cultural heritage inspired her final year dissertation about how the colonisation of West Africa from France has led to cultural appropriation. The use of this contextualisation helped inform the research of this collection and led to her to create a post colonial supehero. A superhero that embodies all the good within her cultural heritage.