Ashley Caffey, the founder of Amará L'mour is a New York native known in her circle for her unconventional trendy jackets. Ashley has been designing pieces of her personal wardrobe since the age of seventeen as a means of self expression. 

She quickly realized a blazer was an essential piece to any outfit no matter the occasion and it became her staple article of clothing. Being able to share her vision and love for fashion with those of exclusive taste ignites her soul to continue to produce distinctive designs.

It is Ashley's hope that others feel empowered beyond measure through her statement pieces. The brand’s motto is “an unapologetic statement” which is derived from Ashley’s personal philosophy, "making a statement doesn't always have to be heard, but can be unapologetically seen.”

Amará L’mour believes blazers and jackets signify completion in fashion. This article of clothing that brings together an entire fashion ensemble should be one of great quality and style. The Amará L’mour blazer experience is meant to bring our customers one of kind designs that are structured to fit each individual as if it were made specifically for them.