Amber Kim’s collection is inspired by her attraction to fun, exciting and carefree experience. However, her personal experience of music festivals demonstrated the negative impact on the environment that the entertainment and creative process can cause.

She has used sustainable thinking, skills, and creativity to address the environmental issues that harm the ecosystem. Her sustainable approach was applied throughout the whole process. Every stage of the process should be resourceful, responsible and retractable

She used every single fabric, trimmings and components that could be obtained from the waste materials: nylon fabric, rip-stop fabric, wadding, PVC, eyelets, nylon webbings, guy-ropes and poles. The choice of the colour and the texture was solely depended on what was available.

Design inspiration came from the limited amount of materials available and the research into use of said materials and how they work against the human body. She has used creative draping techniques tailored to each material to fully understand the characteristics of the materials and emphasis on their rawness.

This collection will deliver a message to the audience that sustainable fashion can still be imaginative, inspiring and innovative. Through using salvaged materials my garments will not only highlight the waste problem but also seek to make people think and offer a solution for how discarded textiles can be reduced and recycled effectively.