After a childhood practicing dance and art, Amelia went on to complete a foundation diploma at Central Saint Martins. It was there she was able to discover a medium of design that drew inspiration from the body. Drawing from movement as well as the relationship between the body and the brain. Amelia then went on to graduate with a First Class Honours BA in Jewellery Design.

Commenting on the concept of BDSM as well as societal beauty standards, Amelia's designs sculpt the naked form and challenge the possibilities of creating an alternative outlook on our surroundings.

Metal may seem too heavy to wear, yet while armour restrains movement, its metals offer protection and freedom to the wearer within. Amelia’s collection “Circles and Rods ”, which draws on BDSM and shibari, sections off the body and morphs it into a desirable figure, in which soft and hard parts are accentuated and made aesthetic. Altering the body’s experience of the world, these pieces, worn individually or as a set, are nevertheless in harmony with the wearer.

Interpretative text by Johanna Crafoord, BA (Hons) Culture, Criticism and Curation